Johann Friedrich Herbart (German: 4 May 1776 – 14 August 1841) was a German philosopher, psychologist and founder of pedagogy as an academic discipline. Herbart is now remembered amongst the post-Kantian philosophers mostly as making the greatest contrast to Hegel—in particular in relation to aesthetics. Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776–1841) is known today mainly as a founding figure of modern psychology and educational theory.

Herbert -Johann Friedrich Herbart - Pedagogy of Academic Discipline

Building upon the teaching methods of Pestalozzi, Herbart contributed to pedagogy a psychological basis to help facilitate better learning as well as to ensure children's character development. He was the first individual to point out how important a role psychology plays on education. In developing his ideas about psychology, Herbart came to disagree with Kant about how true knowledge is obtained, Herbart believed that one learns only from studying external and real objects in the world as well as the ideas that come about from observing them. Examining the difference between the actual existence of an object and its appearance

 హెర్బార్ట్ (Herbert) ఇతను జర్మనీ దేశస్థుడు.

  • ఇతని ప్రకారం అభ్యసనమనేది 'భావాలను చర్వం రూపంలో తయారు చేసి ఒక చైతన్యపంతమైన ప్రక్రియ'
  • హెర్బార్ట్ బోధనా విధానంలో (Teaching methods) సోపానాలు రూపొందించాడు .
  • పాఠ్య ప్రణాళికలను రూపొందించడానికి కూడా సోపానాలు తయారు చేశాడు.